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eczema meaning in malayalam

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It has serrated leaves 2. The flowers are small, white and slightly malodorous. It gives rise to 1—1.

eczema meaning in malayalam

The fruit is edible, sweet and juicy, and contains a large number of tiny 0. Its seeds are dispersed by birds and fruit bats.

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It is cultivated for its edible fruit, and has become naturalised in some other parts of the tropics, including southeastern Asia.

As a pioneer plant, it could help condition the soil and make it habitable to other plants. However, it might also be considered as an invasive species since it might out-compete indigenous plants.

The fruits can be processed into jams and the leaves can be used for making tea. In Brazil, the trees are planted along river banks.

  • Common names include macadamia nut, bauple nut, Queensland nut or nut oak.
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The fruits falling from the tree attract fish that are then caught. Eczema meaning in malayalam the Philippines and Indonesia the fruits are usually eaten mostly by children although they are not sold in the markets.

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It is compact, durable and lightweight and can be used for carpentry. It could also be used as firewood. The bark can be used to produce ropes and fiber for bark skirts. Due to its ability to grow in poor soil and its effective propagation by means of bats and birds, it could be used for reforestation projects.

It is also commonly planted in parking lots.

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With enough sun and water it grows with little or no tending. The Malaysian common name "Ceri Kampung" means "village cherry" in English. In Malaysia, the muntingia tree is found in many urban areas lining the sides of streets in front of row houses. There the muntingia produces great quantities of fruit.

eczema meaning in malayalam

Buying the fruit at stores impossible, because people eat the free fruit that grows along the streets. Children climb these trees to pick the fruit and fill tubs for themselves and their family to eat. Fruit from Muntingia is also harvested for export overseas.

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In nations where the climate is inhospitable to the Muntingia the fruit is considered a luxury and sold at a premium. It also taste like strawberries that is very ripe. After the flowers are pollinated, there will be lots of the berries growing.

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Once they ripen, the flowers start to bloom again. After one crop of berries is harvested, the flowers will pollinate back into fruit.

eczema meaning in malayalam

The fruit tree will grow for many years.

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