Psoriasis introduction,

psoriasis introduction

psoriasis management ppt

Contact 1. Main areas of care, medical specialties The Clinic performs all tasks related to the field of dermatology, provides both diagnostic and therapeutic care, and also treats patients with burns.

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Priority areas: dermatology, allergology, immunology, skin tumors, psoriasis introduction. Data related to patient care 3, hospitalized patients are treated annually at the Department. Medical examination and therapy are provided for patients with skin diseases by the Dermatological Unit on 15 beds, as well as by the units of Dermatoimmunology 10 beds and Dermato-oncology The structure of inpatient care is unique in Hungary as besides the dermatology inpatient units there is also a Burns and Dermato-surgical Unit with psoriasis introduction beds, of which 4 beds are provided for intensive care, 15 beds for burns surgery and 10 beds for reconstructive plastic surgery.

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The Department has 15 specialist clinics, where with specialist consultation hours a week outpatient care is provided for 45, people annually.

The Department of Dermatology has a professional staff of 18 specialist doctors, 5 residents and 2 interns. Éva Remenyik.

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